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Once you enter the text, we will check it through the Grammarly API, QuillBot API, and Ginger API. It is our ultimate goal to deliver the best output to our users. So you don't need to waste your time with other websites for summarizing text and all free premium services are available under Onestop.

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What is a Text Summarizer?

Text summarizer is an online tool that reduces long texts to a specified length. Text summaries reduce a long article to its main points. Time constraints are driving more and more people to use text summarizers.
There is a growing trend of people searching for methods of learning ideas in a shorter amount of time. It is even possible for them to use summaries to decide whether to read a book, a research paper, or an article.

Oxford defines summary as: “a short statement that gives only the main points of something, not the details.”

What Tpes of Documents can be Summarized

Almost any document can be summarized in a few seconds. Whether you're a student preparing for an exam or an industry professional looking to stay on top of the latest news, this tool makes things easier.

Types of documents:
• Essays summarizer
• Thesis paper summarizer
• Blog summarizer
• Resume/CV summarizer
• Business correspondence summarizer
• Book report summarizer
• Lab report summarizer
• Letter/email summarizer
• Personal narrative summarizer

How does SnapWordz’s summarizing tool work?

Our Text Summarizer uses AI-based algorithms to understand your content and then select the most appropriate sentences. Each sentence is scored by the algorithms according to how well it is optimized, picked out words, structured, and accurate.

As determined by the score, the tool understands the importance of these sentences, as well as identifying the informative sentences. In the next step, these informative and important sentences are gathered to make the summarized content. The algorithms will then proofread and remove any errors found in the writing.

Key Feature of Our online Text Summarizer

100% Free to Use

It is absolutely free to use our online Text Summarizer and there is no need to sign up or pay for it. It is completely free to use.

Instantly generates results

The main ideas of the document can now be understood without reading the entire document. You will have access to important data within a blink of an eye when you use the summarizing tool.

Increases Productivity

You need to take both time and effort when searching for some important information in an article on the web. With the help of this tool, you can quickly summarize the text that you input, increasing your productivity.

Improves Your Study Process

Student can find the summarization of their lengthy essays and other academic papers instantly with the summarization tool. By using it, they can easily summarize their assignments and notes without any difficulty.

Assists with Skimming

Using our summarize tool, you will be able to skim the important text without skimming. Furthermore, it allows you to review large amounts of content quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Summarizing Tool?

Summarizing tools use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to summarize complex texts and documents.

2. Is the summarizer tool capable of dealing with complex or technical language?

Yes, of course. Because the text summarizer has been trained on a large dataset, it can handle technical or complex data with ease.

3. Does the summarizer have the ability to make several versions of the same text, each with a different level of detail?

Depending on your preferences, the text summarizer can provide longer or shorter summaries. At the top of the summary, you can adjust the summary length for a more detailed overview.

4. Do I have to worry about the security of my information when I use the Summarizing Tool?

It's designed with your privacy and security in mind. All data is encrypted and stored securely, and your information is never shared.

5. Is SnapWordz's summarizer tool free?

Using our summarizer is completely free of charge. There is no need to sign up or make any payment to use it.